European Social Fund project Nr. 2009/0202/1DP/
“Nanomaterials for perspective energy-effective applications”

Dates: 1.12.2009-30.11.2012
Project leader: G. Zvejnieks
Participants from Laboratory of Theoretical Physics and Computer Modeling: R. Eglitis, A. Gopejenko, P.Merzlyakov.


A new team of scientists is formed in the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia by involving (and attracting new) researchers in total 14.95 PPY. The goal of a project is nanomaterials development and research for energy-effective applications on basis of semiconductor nano-wires and nano-crystals, luminescent, sensor, perovskite structure and conducting oxide nano-systems, as well as catalysts and radiation resistant materials. This is an interdisciplinary project which requires combined physical, chemical and material science approach.
In the frame of a project we collaborate both with universities (e.g., University of Osnabrück) and research centers (e.g., Forshungscentrum Karlsruhe IMF-I).