TITLE: Professor, Ph D, Dr habil. phys. 

Deputy State Secretary at the Latvian Ministry of Education and Science, Valnu iela 2, office 304, Riga LV-1586, Latvia. 
PHONE: +371-7229-735
Institute of Solid State Physics,  the University of Latvia, 8 Kengaraga str.,  LV-1063  Riga,  LATVIA.   PHONES:    +371-7187480/7260548 (office). 
FAX: +371-7132778
E-MAIL:     simts@acad.latnet.lv. 

BIRTH DATE AND PLACE: 1942, Riga, Latvia. 

FAMILY STATUS: Married, 4children. 

LANGUAGES: English, Latvian, Russian. 


Theoretical physics. Transport in heterogeneous media and composite materials. Kinetics of bimolecular reactions in condensed matter with focus on many-particle processes. The kinetics of the generation, annealing, migration of defects in solids under irradiation. Large-scale computer simulations of processes in condensed matter.


1991 Dr habil. in physics, The University of Latvia, 19 Rainis Blvd., Riga LV-1586, Latvia 
1983 Dr Sc in Physics, Institute of Physics, Latvian Academy of Sciences, Salaspils 
1972 Ph.D. Institute of Physics, Latvian Academy of Sciences, Salaspils


1990-present A leader of Theoretical group supported by Latvian Research Council, Center for Microelectronics of Latvian Academy of Sciences, Riga LV-1586, Latvia 
since 1990 Professor of the Dept of Theoretical Physics, The University of Latvia, 19 Rainis Blvd., Riga LV-1586, Latvia 
1966-1988 Research Associate and leading scientist of the Institute of Physics, Latvian Academy of Sciences, Salaspils 
1960-1965 M.S.+B.S. degrees, Dept of Theoretical Physics, The University of Latvia, 19 Rainis Blvd., Riga, LV-1586, Latvia 


President of the Association of Latvian Scientists,
Long term research grant of the International Science Foundation (Soros),
Member of Latvian Council for Science.


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7) Kalnin Yu.H., Zvejnieks G. Effective reaction rate dependence on particle generation functions in two-dimensional case. Latvian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences, 1996, Nr 5, p. 57-64. 
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(total 83 papers)

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