List of grades for Vyacheslavs Kashcheyevs:
(only courses completed at the undergraduate level are included)



General physics
mechanics 10
molecular physics and heat 10
electromagnetism 10
optics 10
microphysics 10
astronomy and astrophysics 9
analysis I, II 10
algebra & geometry I, II 10
ordinary differential equations 10
probability theory and statistics 10
mathematical physics 10
Theoretical physics
theoretical mechanics 10
electrodynamics and special relativity 10
quantum mechanics 10
Other compulsory courses
physics lab PASSED
computers and programming PASSED
digital and analouguous electronics PASSED
General and applied math (optional courses)
advanced mathematical analysis PASSED
group theory and tenzor algebra PASSED
complex variable function theory PASSED
approximation methods PASSED
functional analysis and function theory 10
variational methods in physics PASSED
numerical methods in physics PASSED
experimental data processing PASSED
Advanced physics (optional courses)
methods of experimental physics 10
physical measurement technologies PASSED
nuclear physics PASSED
nonlinear systems I ,II PASSED, 10
paradoxes of quantum physics PASSED
structure of atoms and molecules
(advanced quantum mechanics) I, II
theoretical hydrodynamics 9
quantum scattering theory and many-body problem in physics PASSED
condensed matter physics PASSED

*Scale of grades: 10 (best) - 1 (worst), 4 is maximum for passing.
For subjects without final oral exam the scale is qualitative: PASSED or FAILED.

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