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Visit of Mrs. Vaira Vike-Freiberga, The President of the Latvia
NATO Advanced Research Workshop
A party of the NATO ASI school on "Computational Materials Science" (Il Ciocco, Italy, September 9-22 2001).
CAMART Conference AOMD-3 (August 2002)
International School of Solid State Physics "Radiation Effects in Solids" (Erice, Italy, July, 2004)
Computational Electrochemistry Workshop (Santorini Island, Greece, September, 2004)
The 3rd International Conference "Information Technologies and Management", IT&M'05 (Riga, Latvia, April, 2005).
Prof. E.Kotomin's seminar at the ISSP (Riga, December 2005).
2nd Latvian conference "Functional materials and nanotechnologies" and 22nd ISSP Conference (Riga, Latvia, March, 2006)
V. Kashcheyev's seminar, September 2006
The Graduation Ceremonies

Visitors and Visits

Visit of Prof. Kersti Hermansson and PhD student Bjorn Herschend
Visit of Prof. Alexandr Lushchik
Visit of Prof. Dr. Cheslav Lushchik
Visit of Prof. Dr. K. Schwartz
Visit of Prof. F.Illas & Prof. R.Gonzalez
Visit of Prof. R.Evarestov, Summer 2003
Visit of Prof. V.Trepakov
Scientific Visits in 2005-07: USA, Germany and Finland
Visit of Prof. R.Evarestov, November 2007
At Stuttgart, July 2008: Prof. E. Kotomin, Prof. M. Cardona, and Prof. R. Evarestov

Lab`s Life
December 2002
December 2004
Christmas party, December 2007

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